Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's A 10 Leave-In Plus Keratin

Because my hair is so fine, I am not a huge fan of layering countless number of products on my hair.  However, aside from the usual shampoo and conditioner, one other product I apply almost daily are leave-in conditioners.  Even for having such fine hair, I can have days where I can’t seem to keep my hair under control (especially in certain weather conditions).

I switch leave-in conditioner brands every so often, because just like my shampoo and conditioner, I like to try new hair care products to see what works best.  Lately, I have been hearing great reviews about the It’s A 10 line, so when I saw this bottle on sale for about 30% off at Target I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give it a try.  I had just run out of my most beloved Kerastase Crytallyste serum, which has been one of my all time favorite hair serums for a little under 2 years now.

With the It’s A 10 leave-in conditioner, I thought purchasing the Keratin Plus bottle would be best for extra protection and nourishment.  It’s always an added bonus when any type of hair product contains keratin.   If you look at the actual product in the bottle, the consistency looks more like a cream than a light serum.  This had me a bit worried about it weighing down my hair, but I thought a little may go a long way.  It takes a few pumps to work the product up the spray bottle when working with a brand new bottle (possibly because of the thicker consistency), but once you get it going you get the perfect amount of light sprays every time.  I absolutely love that it comes in a spray bottle too because that avoids me getting my hands too greasy.

After towel drying my hair after a shower, I spray a few pumps on my hair (from my ears down to my ends) and then take my fingers to really massage the product into my hair (avoiding my roots).  You can blow dry or let your hair naturally air dry, but you’ll get the same results either way.  In the end, I can feel how soft and moisturized my ends look.  My hair still feels lightweight, like I haven’t applied any extra product to it, and I sometimes can’t resist touching it because of how soft it feels.

The It’s A 10 product works perfectly in the summer.  It can be damaging when your hair is constantly exposed to sunlight and heat, so applying this added layer of protection keeps the ends from drying out.  Now I have quite healthy look hair.

The only difference between the It’s A 10 and my Kerastase Crytallyste serum is that the Kerastase serum give my hair that added shine on top of being nourishing.  So if you want more of a shine to your hair I would go for the serum, but if you just want healthy looking hair, the It’s A 10 Plus Keratin is the perfect product.