Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palettes, we've all heard about it and have seen endless reviews on the palette.  I've had mine for quite some time now, and just realized I haven't said my thoughts on the palette.  Just by looking at the packaging, how can you not be drawn into the Naked craze?!

The Naked 3 packaging is definitely like that of the Naked 2, only with a different, rose toned shade to it.  Making it even more beautiful and special.

Consisting of 12 beautiful rose toned, neutral shadows, the Naked 3 is like a romantic version of all of the Naked palettes.  I usually think of roses and gardens when I look at my palette, and find it perfect for those days where I just want to feel a bit more feminine with my eye looks.

As usual, Urban Decay kept the shadows quite pigmented, but not too shimmery or glittery (making them quite day time appropriate).  I can get away with not using a base underneath these shadows, which really speaks for the quality of the product.  The stand out shadows for me are definitely Handout, Limit, Nooner, Liar, and Blackheart.

All of the Naked palettes have their own personality, but the Naked 3 definitely stands out as being the most romantic in my opinion.



Monday, April 14, 2014

Go Smile Whitening Pen

I have been really getting into finding newer and better ways to keep my smile looking bright and beautiful.  Now I don't have stained teeth, but it is important for me to use products to maintain their whiteness.  My every day toothpaste of choice is a whitening toothpaste, Rembrandt, and I absolutely love it!  It's my staple toothpaste.  But I also love doing special treatments to my teeth to give it that extra boost of whiteness.

When I came across this Go Smile Whitening Pen in the travel section at Ulta, I became very curious.  I have heard great things about the Go Smile whitening brand, but because the prices of their kits are pretty pricey, I thought giving this on-the-go pen a try would be a good way to test the product.

It's packaged in a convenient, on-the-go, twist up pen.  You just simply twists the application a couple of times and apply the product onto your teeth (avoiding the gum area).  Let the product set for about 20 minutes, and you can resume to your day.

I thought the concept of an on the go treatment was amazing.  It's perfect to carry in your bag and apply anywhere.  I like to use it as a "spot" treatment for my teeth.  So instead of using this pen for 7 days straight, I like to use it every other day or so (really extending the wear of the pen.  It's much easier to use something like this at work/school than my crest white strips (which I cannot live without).

I do find it keeps my teeth looking bright, without being too harsh on my gums, so I am enjoying it very much!