Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

I am all about sleeping masks.  Anything that can help my skin rejuvenate during my sleep is definitely a must for me.  We tend to ignore our skin at night, but that's when we should be taking advantage of the rest we are getting and really replenish it.  By doing so, you wake up looking more fresh and awake.

Sleeping masks are just night creams that are formulated with rich ingredients.  I was in love with my Korres Vitamin C sleeping mask, but when I ran out of it I decided to try out other brands and came across the Laniege Water Sleeping Mask.

If you've read my reviews on my other Laniege products, you know I have fallen in love with the brand, especially since you can find their products in the Target Beauty section.

The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is great for all skin types.  I have combination skin, and in the warmer months it tends to produce more oils.  For my oily skinned girls out their, don't let extra hydration in this cream scare you away, the drier your skin is, the more oils it produces.  So the Laneige Water Sleeping Masks gives the perfect amount of hydration overnight without leaving the skin feeling greasy.  My skin absorbs the product immediately, and the light scent calms me down before bed.  This product is especially great to have on hand for longer flights

I love how soft my skin feels the next day!  It saves me a lot of time and energy in the morning because my skin is already looking happy and healthy.



Monday, June 9, 2014

H&M Bikini Tops

It's time to bust out those swim suits and spend some time in the sun! After the brutal winter we had here in this city, the thought of spending any free time just relaxing by the lake just has me smiling.

I decided to really celebrate summer by picking up a few new bikini tops.  I have a few trips planned out for the warm season, and new swim tops are a must!

One of my favorite places to check for affordable swimwear is H&M.  They have really improved on the quality of their pieces and what's even better is that they've kept their affordable prices.  I picked up these adorable pieces during one of their most recent sales, with some of the tops going for only $4.95! You definite;y can't beat that.  Not only do they fit well, but they are freaking adorable!



Thursday, June 5, 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo

For some reason, in the summer I discover new products I find are a must have for me.  Maybe because everything becomes a little bit more high maintenance for me in the warmer seasons.  But after trying out this travel sized bottle of Batiste Dry Shampoo, I don't know why I haven't added it to my must haves until now!

With working out every day and the warmer season, the oil control for my hair gets a bit inconsistent, and dry shampoo is definitely a quick and easy solution for that.  Nothing's work than having a bad, and dirty hair day.  Personally, I love my Oscar Blondie powder dry shampoo, because it works so well and the fresh lemon smell is amazing! However, powdered dry shampoo becomes messy when you're in a hurry or on the go.

So for that, the Batiste Dry Shampoo becomes more reliable.  It's the best aerosol bottled dry shampoo I have ever tried (for dark hair too!).  A few sprits into my roots and it gives my hair a nice lift, texture, and takes away all of the oil/dirty feeling.  What's even better is that the product feels incredibly light and non sticky, making it perfect to have on hand in your gym/beach bag.



Laneige Power Essential Skin Toner

Over the Winter, my skin was looking it's best.  I had a great routine for it, and things were looking and feeling smooth.  However, because of my combination skin type, when the season changes, my skin also changes.  I like to call my skin high maintenance because it does take a bit of extra care and attention to get it looking healthy.  With the warmer season, my skin becomes more prone to breakouts.  Because of all of the time I am spending outside enjoying the weather, I also have to be ware that I am exposing my face to more dirt particles and sweat.

After messing around with a few brands getting ready for summer skin, I have discovered that Laneige has been a savior.  The Laneige Power Essential Skin Toner has been such a great solution for my skin.  I picked up the formula for combination to oily skin, but they also have one formulated for dry to normal skin types.

The toner is a refresher to the skin, providing and keeping all of the moisture locked in.  When used with an exfoliating cotton pad, it wipes away any dead skin cells or residue, leaving a protective layer on the skin that does not feel greasy.

I love using this right after a shower or bath, and I also keep it handy in my beach bag as a quick cleanser/refresher.  It dries down nicely and works as a great base for makeup.  Definitely a summer must have for my skin care routine!



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream

A good moisturizer is key to great skin.  You have to be aware of your skin and be sure to really pamper it.  For my combination skin, my routine changes with the seasons.  Summer is usually the more difficult season because my skin will produce more oils if I don't use the right cleanser/moisturizer.

For this season, I decided to try out the new Laneige line at Target.  When I came across the Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream, the name just had me convinced it was made for me.

The Water Bank Gel Cream is like a splash of hydration for the skin.  It's cooling effect leaves my face feeling so refreshed in the morning and just brings so much life to my dull skin after sleepless nights.  What's even better is that my skin just absorbs the product so well, it doesn't skin on top of the skin or settle in fine lines, and works so well under makeup.  

This is by far my favorite daily moisturizer and I definitely recommend you check it out!