Thursday, May 29, 2014

Travel Skin Care Essentials

Even while on vacation, I can't bear to be away from my skin care essentials for too long.  We all want our skin to be on it's best behavior, especially while on vacation with all the pictures you'd be taking.  So whether I am on a road trip, or flying somewhere, I always make sure to have my current favorite products right along side with me.

I love having a little spa set up in my hotel room.  I usually push all of the hotel products to the side (I don't usually use hotel products because I find them very drying) and create a little corner of my small favorites.  That way, they are easy to grab!

While we're on topic, I'll just share my latest favorites that I brought along with my on my last trip...

Chanel Exfoliating Gel: I always pack an exfoliating wash with me to create that extra smooth texture and splash of radiance.

Clarisonic Cleanser & Philosophy Purity: Basic cleansers on hand for makeup removal with my clarisonic.

Laneige Toner: Toners are great to have on hand because it just gives that extra cleanse.

Lancome Day & Night Cream: With the stress of traveling and hotel air conditioning, moisturizers are a must, especially in your sleep.

Hemp Moisturizer & Body Shop Body Butter: Who doesn't want that added softness?

Batiste Dry Shampoo: For that second day hair.

Make every trip enjoyable, but don't neglect your skin along the way!



Monday, May 12, 2014

Laneige US Haul

Target's Beauty section has definitely moved up to a whole new level as their skin care section just got a face lift.  They are now carrying products such as La Roche-Posay, Vichy, and Laneige.

During my latest trip to Target, I took advantage of their new set up and picked up a few Laneige products to give a try.  I have been eyeing Laneige products for a while now, because the brand is so highly talked about in the Korean Beauty industry.  However, the prices were always a bit high and they weren't as easily accessible.  But now with Target carrying their products I can easily try out Laneige, and other premium skin care brands.

I picked up two products I have been eyeing every since I saw their campaign release, the Water Bank Gel Cream and Water Sleeping Mask.  Both being advertised and incredibly hydrating and soothing for the skin.  I thought they would be a a good replacement for my Chanel day and night creams, at a lower price.

I have to say, the prices on these products, and all of the other products in their line, are quite reasonable for being premium skin care products.  And the packaging is just beautiful!

I have been testing these products out for a few weeks now, so keep an eye out for a more comprehensive review on the products coming soon.



Make Up Wedges

I went a while with applying my liquid foundation with my fingers, because it was one of the best ways to warm up and blend in product for a more natural look.

I've always wanted to try those Beauty Blenders, however I didn't find them as practical.  One because of the price, and secondly because I know myself to be quite lazy about cleaning off my brushes enough times to keep bacteria from building up.

However, I found an old alternative that has always worked well for professional make up artists in the past.  Disposable make up wedges!

People used these for years, and they have always worked well, so why not bring them back.  They are small, convenient, and get the job done.  Each wedge gives me two uses, and I can just simply toss them out once, ensuring that I am getting a clean sponge every for every foundation application.



Sunday, May 11, 2014

China Glaze Sea Spray

Another great spring time polish for me is China Glaze's Sea Spray.

With a very appropriate name, this sea foam blue just looks so relaxing and serene on the nails.  I don't have many China Glaze polishes in my collection, but when I do pull out the few I have I rediscover my appreciation for the unique colors and quality of formula.

Sea Spray works perfectly for this Mother's Day weekend!



Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OPI Panda-Monium Pink

One of my favorite romantic shades in my polish collection has to be OPI's Panda-Monium Pink.  I have to be honest though.  I initially purchased this polish because of it's name, who could pass up something called Panda-Monium?!

But boy am I glad I mad this impulse purchase because I think I've about half way through with this nail polish bottle.  Which makes me a bit sad because it is a limited edition polish.

Panda-Monium Pink is the perfect pink toned lilac color (confusing I know).  It's just a beautiful soft pink that is not like any other pink because of the tinge of light purple in it.  I love wearing this on sunny days, and just makes every outfit look like a date night outfit.

I may even like this more than Essie's Fiji, which says something.



Remington Bikini Trimmer

Summer is just around the corner (hopefully it comes sooner rather than later), and you know what that means's bikini season.  I've been testing out a few drugstore brand bikini trimmers, and today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Remington Bikini Trimmer.

The trimmer comes with an adjustable length setting, allowing you to choose from three different lengths (I always use the closest shave for a cleaner look) and an exfoliating brush which helps prep the area to prevent in grown hairs.

As of now, the Remington Bikini Trimmer is my favorite from the drugstore choices of trimmers.  I love how gentle the trimmer is, leaving the area feeling soft, while still getting the job done.  The handle was designed to easily reach any area, and being battery operated you don't have to worry about loose cords in the shower.  I use the rotating exfoliating for pre and post trim, and I have not had any problems with in grown hairs.

I picked up my trimmer at a local Walgreens on sale, and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable option.



Zoya Kristen

For Easter weekend, I couldn't think of a more appropriate polish to wear than Zoya's Kristen.

Kristen, applies as the perfect robin's egg blue.  A beautiful color to celebrate the Easter weekend and welcome the Spring season.  I absolutely love how creamy and opaque the polish applies, and the color just stands out in any lighting.

Zoya formulates some of the most beautiful pastel colors for the spring.  Definitely check out their collection for more colors for the warmer season!



Friday, May 2, 2014

Nashville Studs

My favorite part about traveling? Checking out the smaller boutiques in the city I am visiting.  Yeah sure shopping can be done anywhere, but if you really explore the city you can find little shops that carry special pieces to take back with you.  It's also the only time I tend to impulse buy things, because you have to decide right then and there,

During my latest trip with my girl friends to Nashville we had a special shopping event at Fire Finch Nashville, where they had Champagne waiting for all of us and offered us an additional 15% off purchases for the entire group!

So while I was walking around, these studs caught my eye.  But I didn't think anything of them until I noticed that I continued to come back to look at them the entire hour we were int he shop.  So what's a girl to do but buy them?!

They are some of my favorites lately and I have been getting so many compliments while wearing them.  Because they are studs they are pretty easy to style, my favorite being the simple tee-shirt and jeans look.  Definitely glad I came back with these!