Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Remington Bikini Trimmer

Summer is just around the corner (hopefully it comes sooner rather than later), and you know what that means ladies....it's bikini season.  I've been testing out a few drugstore brand bikini trimmers, and today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Remington Bikini Trimmer.

The trimmer comes with an adjustable length setting, allowing you to choose from three different lengths (I always use the closest shave for a cleaner look) and an exfoliating brush which helps prep the area to prevent in grown hairs.

As of now, the Remington Bikini Trimmer is my favorite from the drugstore choices of trimmers.  I love how gentle the trimmer is, leaving the area feeling soft, while still getting the job done.  The handle was designed to easily reach any area, and being battery operated you don't have to worry about loose cords in the shower.  I use the rotating exfoliating for pre and post trim, and I have not had any problems with in grown hairs.

I picked up my trimmer at a local Walgreens on sale, and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable option.



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