Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rimmel Kate Moss Lip Color

Fall is here and I am busting out some color! I tend to stay very neutral and bare in the summer time, mainly because the hot and humid weather makes me hate putting on layers of makeup.  Nothing's worse than looking like a mess at the end of a long, hot day.

So with the weather cooling down a bit, I am falling back in love with some of my lipsticks.  These Rimmel lippies from their Kate Moss collection are some of my favorites.

I absolutely love their pigmentation and color selection.  And what's even better is that they are all matte! When it comes to wearing bright and bold colors, I stick with a matte finish because it makes the color more wearable and longer lasting.  Wearing them as a stain during the day tones them down while still keeping it fun.

Also, these are probably some of the best matte lipsticks I have.  They are incredibly creamy at the same time, so you can skip the lip balm if you are in a hurry.



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ciate Polishes

I have been on a long break from purchasing new nail polishes for my collection.  After cleaning out and reorganizing my entire makeup collection, I got a closer look and realized wow I have way too many polishes.  But what can a girl do when she just loves color??

So after a few months of just shopping my own collection and really enjoying what I already own (it's fun discovering old favorites) I ventured out to Sephora and really broke down when I saw their Ciate display.  Their collection was just gorgeous and the little bottles were so cute!

So yes, after months of being a good girl, I caved and picked up some really cool and festive polishes.  Honestly unique textures and colors, and incomparable to anything I already own.

Ciate, bravo! You've done well!



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Queen Helene has gotten a face lift with it's new packaging, and it's as cute as ever.  Definitely more eye catching, making it great for marketing, but still it's it's convenient squeeze tube packaging.

Queen Helene is definitely one of my favorite drugstore facial masks.  Yes I love treating my skin with luxurious masks and moisturizers, but to work into my skin care and save a few bucks, Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque gets the job of keeping my complexion beautiful without dishing out the high prices.

It's like rubbing toothpaste all over your face, literally.  The soothing peppermint smell and tingly feeling leaves gives your skin that soothing feeling, which also helps calm down active breakouts.  And after 20 minutes, my skin is left feeling soft and clean.  Definitely will always be a drugstore favorite of mine.



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

L'Oreal Oleo Therapy

The summer heat can be brutal on my fine hair.  So I try to take a few extra steps during my hair care routine to keep my ends looking healthy throughout the season.  With nice weather comes constant exposure to sunshine and the elements, which can do a bit of damage to your hair if you don't pay any attention to it.

So I picked up these L'Oreal Oleo Therapy products to hydrate and condition my hair throughout the season.  L'Oreal makes some pretty nice products for you hair, with a drugstore price, so I find myself reaching for them a lot.

Both the conditioner and oil essence are infused with 6 flower oils to keep your hair looking rich, smooth and soft.  I love how lightweight they are and my ends just soak up the products entirely.

They definitely have been working well, and a little does go a long way.



Thursday, August 7, 2014

Juice Beauty

After hearing about Juice Beauty and seeing their products in my local Ulta store, I have been wanting to test out their skin care line for a few months now.  For some reason my skin has really been acting up during this warm season, so I thought this would be the best time to try out their blemish line.

Juice Beauty focuses on organic products that not only treat your skin, but that's also natural.  This really makes it a great brand for people worried about exposing their skin to parabens or other unnatural formulas.  For me, I am not too strict on the ingredients on my skin, however this is a huge plus that the line is organic.

I picked two items: Green Apple Blemish Peel and Blemish Clearing Cleanser

At first I was a little put off my the consistency of the two products.  It's definitely a little more liquidy and runny compared to my other peels and cleansers.  But because it is an all natural line I can see why that it.

I use the Blemish Clearing Cleanser with my Clarisonic every night before bed when I have active breakouts (I currently have hormonal breakouts around my chin).  A few pumps of this onto my clarisonic does wonders.  It really calms down my active breakouts and I can see results within a day or two.  As for the smell, most people may not like it at all.  But I think it just smells like apple syrup, which I don't mind at all because it doesn't linger.

The Green Apple Blemish Peel is a medium strength blemish peel that works well to fight against stubborn breakouts.  I apply this on my face once (or twice) a week and wash it off after 10 minutes.  It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and I can see my deep breakouts disappear within the week.  Again, it smells exactly like the Blemish Clearing Cleanser.

My final thoughts? I absolutely love the concept and results these two products have given me the past few months.  I have had both products for a while now and a little does go a long way, especially with the Blemish Peel.  It looks like I have barely broken into it.  Definitely would recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural skin care line.



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

IT Cosmetics CC+ Veil

Summer is all about natural complexions.  And in scorching heat and high humidity, you definitely gotta keep things light and simple.

CC creams have really made an impact this year, and this summer CC Compacts have hit the market like a storm.  First introduced by Asian brands, Western make up brands have dabbed into the trend and created their own versions of the CC compact.

Because I have fallen in love with the IT Cosmetics brand, I thought trying out their version of the compact would be fun.  The IT Cosmetics CC+ Veil has stunning packaging, and their formula really amazes me.

Not many, if any, CC or BB cream had enough coverage to cover my spots and redness around the cheeks.  However, the IT Cosmetics CC+ Veil did the job while still being extremely light weight and simple.  Buff a bit of this around the center of your face and blend outwards and your ready to be out and about without feeling like you have any foundation on.

Definitely summer perfection.



Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo

I am obsessed with travel sized versions of beauty products, especially when it comes to hair care.  With my hair, I am pretty open minded and love rotating new brands into my routine.  And by using travel sized, mini versions of these products I can really test them out without dishing out the full price.  They also come in handy while traveling.

My latest tester is the Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo, which has had many great reviews online.  I saw the travel sized bottle at Ulta and just couldn't resist.  I thought it would work well during my trip to Vegas because I would exposing my ends to lots of sunshine and heat.

First of all, they were very generous with this travel bottle.  My girl friend and I got many washes out of this before even running out (definitely got our moneys worth).  As for the results, my hair was left feeling soft and looking healthy throughout the trip.  My hair definitely took to the product well, even without the accompanying conditioner.

I am definitely looking into keeping a full sized bottle of this available in my shower.



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NYX Matte Bronzer

Summer is nearly halfway over (for all of us in the Midwest), but I am definitely still stocking up and testing out different bronzers.  If I had to an option of only three makeup products to wear every day, it would be concealer, eyeliner, and yes, bronzer.  I honestly can never have enough of it laying around because I am constantly reaching for one.

During a NYX promotional sale at Ulta a while back, I decided to take that opportunity to try out the NYX Matte Bronzer.  It caught my eye because it is a matte bronzer.  Most bronzers released in the summer time are formulated to so much shimmer that it just becomes too much for me to handle.  I mainly use bronzers to contour, so a matte finish is perfect for me.

To be honest, I did have some reservation about the color selection after purchasing the bronzer, it did seem a bit orange when I swatched it on the back of my hand.  However, I decided to give it a chance, and after working the product in with a fluffy brush and really blending with a light hand, it has proven to work as a great contour for my skin tone.

The texture of the powder bronzer is very smooth and buttery, and a little bit goes a long way.  I like to lightly layer the product to contour the shaded areas of my face and blend with a fluffy brush for a more natural look.  Definitely applies well and feels smooth.  And it's very affordable!

Would recommend this to anyone with medium to darker skin tones.



Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Laneige Multi Cleanser

More Laneige! Yes I have slowly become a little bit obsessed with their skin care line.  I mainly was excited to see them available in the Target Premium Beauty section, making purchasing their U.S. products so easy.

During the summer time, I like to have a variety of simple cleansers available.  With spending so much more time outside and being more active (sweating a whole lot more), my skin tends to need a little bit more attention and needs that extra cleansing step.

So before any type of treatment cleanser, I like to do an initial topical cleanser.  This removes excess makeup and residue from the surface of your face, allowing my treatment cleansers to really work into the skin.  And the Laneige Multi Cleanser does the job, and does it so well!

If you're looking for a simple cleanser that removes makeup and dirt, for any skin type, this is the perfect one for you.  It literally leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without feeling dry and over worked.  And you literally need no more than a pea sized amount to get the job done.  What I usually do it apply it all over my dry face and massage the product in.  Then, I wet my fingers and continue to massage the product in for about a minute to lather it up.  Rinse, and then continue on with my other products.

I love the easy squeeze tube packaging, and that you get so much product!  Easy one step cleanser if you have no skin issues, and easy makeup remover if you need that extra cleanse.



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lorac Pocket Pro

There has been a lot of hype and excitement for both of the Lorac Pro Palettes.  I have yet to get my hands on the palettes, or any other Lorac product. On my latest trip to Ulta, I found this cute little Lorac Pocket Pro palette, featuring three full sized neutral shadows and thought it would be a great opportunity to try out the Lorac shadows before deciding on their Pro Palettes.

The Lorac Pocket Pro is honestly the cutest little palette that I find very convenient for travel.  It can literally fit in my pocket!

The shades in the mini palette include Nude, Pewter, and Expresso, which are the perfect neutral shades for you to go from daytime office look to night time chic.

So what are my thoughts on the Lorac shadows?? They are so soft and buttery, smooth to apply and blends like a dream.  The pigmentation on the shadows are amazing, and the finish just beautiful.  Let's just say I am really impressed on the quality of the shadows, and now my decision on purchasing their other palettes are pretty much a yes.

Couldn't have asked for a better travel palette to keep in my handbag.



Tangle Teezer and Blow Pro Daily Primer

The summer season can be rough on my hair.  With all of the heat and play time in the sand and water, my hair can be left a bit frizzed up, dried out, and tangled up.  Definitely not attractive.

So my solution for this was having these two products on hand.

Having a daily primer and heat protectant is very important, especially in the summer time.  Even when I am not using heating tools (which I try to avoid unless I am going out to an event), long exposure to the sun can cause heat damage to your hair.  So a few spray of this before heading out, or keeping this in your beach bag can do wonders for keeping your locks looking healthy.

Combining the Blow Pro protectant with my trusty Tangle Teezer is like the perfect match.  Talk about loosening up those irritating tangles without tearing at your ends.  I don't know how I went so long without having one of these babies.  Now I have a few to keep in all of my travel and hand bags.

Trust me, with these two, you can't go wrong.



The Body Shop Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask

More Masks Please.  I always have a rotation of masks available in my bathroom because they are such a treat during the week.  But I especially love having these on the go, individual masks from The Body Shop on hand for when I travel.

Traveling can really take a toll on your skin.  Whether it's stress rom flying or change of weather conditions, my skin usually tends to act up while I am away.  And bringing along a whole container is definitely not convenient.  So I found these cute little packets in the Ulta Travel Section and find them so handy for those weekend getaways.

They have a whole assortment of masks available, but I tend to go for clay masks that are clarifying or purifying because of my combination skin.  You can use the entire packet, or just give yourself spot treatment on areas that are acting up.  Either way, these are always great on the go!



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Fab Cosettes

While preparing for my Summer trip to Las Vegas wit my girl friends, I knew I had to pick up a new pair of heels that were sexy, but could also keep me on my feet all night long.  Night life in Vegas can be a bit wild, and finding the perfect pair of comfortable heels is a must if you're planning on keeping up with the crowd.

I didn't want to put so much money into these shoes knowing that I might wear them out quickly during my 4 day trip.  So I decided to go to and pick up these caged heels for an incredible deal.

These are the Just Fab Cosette heels, which are gladiator, caged heels with a mini platform for added comfort.  I found these on for a great deal, purchasing both pairs for only $35!

I couldn't pass it up when I saw the price.  And what was more amazing was that they are pretty darn comfortable too!  When I know I'm going to have a longer night, a caged heel is the perfect choice because it keeps my feet locked in.  They look so great on and I got so many compliments on them while walking around.

A great pick from Just Fab!



Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter

I love to switch out my higher end shampoo and conditioners with drugstore brands every few months.  This keeps my hair staying healthy and soft, while extending the use of my more expensive products.

One of my go to drugstore hair brands has to be the Suave Professionals line.  They really know their stuff when it comes to hair care products.  I picked up this Moisture duo because the summer heat can be a bit harsh on my fine, thin hair.  Also, because it's Salon and AVEDA proven, I knew this had to be a good deal.

With these combined, my hair does stay soft and smooth, while smelling so nice and nutty.  Definitely a great drugstore option for someone looking for a great salon product without breaking the bank.



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Fashion Pick Ups

I haven't been shopping as much but every season I find one (or two) essentials that I just have to add to my closet.  A girl can never have too many accessories, and during my last trip to the Outlets in Austin I decided to add two more lovely essentials to my collection.

Summer is here and I definitely need a pair of new, dressed up flat sandals for those more special occasions.  I feel in love with these Aldo sandals when I saw them on their instagram post, so when I saw them in stores I just had to grab them! They fit so well and the quality is just amazing! I love the thong detailing and they just look great with any outfit.

Now for a pop of color I just had to have this Michael Kors Phone Wristlet.  I have been eyeing this baby for a while, in the black leather, but when I saw it in this bright coral, for a cheaper price, I thought even better! So I caved and I have no regrets about it.  It's perfect to just take out on a night out and have everything you need without having to carry a bag with you.

Don't know if I need anything else for the rest of summer because with these two I am set!



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

I am all about sleeping masks.  Anything that can help my skin rejuvenate during my sleep is definitely a must for me.  We tend to ignore our skin at night, but that's when we should be taking advantage of the rest we are getting and really replenish it.  By doing so, you wake up looking more fresh and awake.

Sleeping masks are just night creams that are formulated with rich ingredients.  I was in love with my Korres Vitamin C sleeping mask, but when I ran out of it I decided to try out other brands and came across the Laniege Water Sleeping Mask.

If you've read my reviews on my other Laniege products, you know I have fallen in love with the brand, especially since you can find their products in the Target Beauty section.

The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is great for all skin types.  I have combination skin, and in the warmer months it tends to produce more oils.  For my oily skinned girls out their, don't let extra hydration in this cream scare you away, the drier your skin is, the more oils it produces.  So the Laneige Water Sleeping Masks gives the perfect amount of hydration overnight without leaving the skin feeling greasy.  My skin absorbs the product immediately, and the light scent calms me down before bed.  This product is especially great to have on hand for longer flights

I love how soft my skin feels the next day!  It saves me a lot of time and energy in the morning because my skin is already looking happy and healthy.



Monday, June 9, 2014

H&M Bikini Tops

It's time to bust out those swim suits and spend some time in the sun! After the brutal winter we had here in this city, the thought of spending any free time just relaxing by the lake just has me smiling.

I decided to really celebrate summer by picking up a few new bikini tops.  I have a few trips planned out for the warm season, and new swim tops are a must!

One of my favorite places to check for affordable swimwear is H&M.  They have really improved on the quality of their pieces and what's even better is that they've kept their affordable prices.  I picked up these adorable pieces during one of their most recent sales, with some of the tops going for only $4.95! You definite;y can't beat that.  Not only do they fit well, but they are freaking adorable!



Thursday, June 5, 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo

For some reason, in the summer I discover new products I find are a must have for me.  Maybe because everything becomes a little bit more high maintenance for me in the warmer seasons.  But after trying out this travel sized bottle of Batiste Dry Shampoo, I don't know why I haven't added it to my must haves until now!

With working out every day and the warmer season, the oil control for my hair gets a bit inconsistent, and dry shampoo is definitely a quick and easy solution for that.  Nothing's work than having a bad, and dirty hair day.  Personally, I love my Oscar Blondie powder dry shampoo, because it works so well and the fresh lemon smell is amazing! However, powdered dry shampoo becomes messy when you're in a hurry or on the go.

So for that, the Batiste Dry Shampoo becomes more reliable.  It's the best aerosol bottled dry shampoo I have ever tried (for dark hair too!).  A few sprits into my roots and it gives my hair a nice lift, texture, and takes away all of the oil/dirty feeling.  What's even better is that the product feels incredibly light and non sticky, making it perfect to have on hand in your gym/beach bag.



Laneige Power Essential Skin Toner

Over the Winter, my skin was looking it's best.  I had a great routine for it, and things were looking and feeling smooth.  However, because of my combination skin type, when the season changes, my skin also changes.  I like to call my skin high maintenance because it does take a bit of extra care and attention to get it looking healthy.  With the warmer season, my skin becomes more prone to breakouts.  Because of all of the time I am spending outside enjoying the weather, I also have to be ware that I am exposing my face to more dirt particles and sweat.

After messing around with a few brands getting ready for summer skin, I have discovered that Laneige has been a savior.  The Laneige Power Essential Skin Toner has been such a great solution for my skin.  I picked up the formula for combination to oily skin, but they also have one formulated for dry to normal skin types.

The toner is a refresher to the skin, providing and keeping all of the moisture locked in.  When used with an exfoliating cotton pad, it wipes away any dead skin cells or residue, leaving a protective layer on the skin that does not feel greasy.

I love using this right after a shower or bath, and I also keep it handy in my beach bag as a quick cleanser/refresher.  It dries down nicely and works as a great base for makeup.  Definitely a summer must have for my skin care routine!



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream

A good moisturizer is key to great skin.  You have to be aware of your skin and be sure to really pamper it.  For my combination skin, my routine changes with the seasons.  Summer is usually the more difficult season because my skin will produce more oils if I don't use the right cleanser/moisturizer.

For this season, I decided to try out the new Laneige line at Target.  When I came across the Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream, the name just had me convinced it was made for me.

The Water Bank Gel Cream is like a splash of hydration for the skin.  It's cooling effect leaves my face feeling so refreshed in the morning and just brings so much life to my dull skin after sleepless nights.  What's even better is that my skin just absorbs the product so well, it doesn't skin on top of the skin or settle in fine lines, and works so well under makeup.  

This is by far my favorite daily moisturizer and I definitely recommend you check it out!



Thursday, May 29, 2014

Travel Skin Care Essentials

Even while on vacation, I can't bear to be away from my skin care essentials for too long.  We all want our skin to be on it's best behavior, especially while on vacation with all the pictures you'd be taking.  So whether I am on a road trip, or flying somewhere, I always make sure to have my current favorite products right along side with me.

I love having a little spa set up in my hotel room.  I usually push all of the hotel products to the side (I don't usually use hotel products because I find them very drying) and create a little corner of my small favorites.  That way, they are easy to grab!

While we're on topic, I'll just share my latest favorites that I brought along with my on my last trip...

Chanel Exfoliating Gel: I always pack an exfoliating wash with me to create that extra smooth texture and splash of radiance.

Clarisonic Cleanser & Philosophy Purity: Basic cleansers on hand for makeup removal with my clarisonic.

Laneige Toner: Toners are great to have on hand because it just gives that extra cleanse.

Lancome Day & Night Cream: With the stress of traveling and hotel air conditioning, moisturizers are a must, especially in your sleep.

Hemp Moisturizer & Body Shop Body Butter: Who doesn't want that added softness?

Batiste Dry Shampoo: For that second day hair.

Make every trip enjoyable, but don't neglect your skin along the way!



Monday, May 12, 2014

Laneige US Haul

Target's Beauty section has definitely moved up to a whole new level as their skin care section just got a face lift.  They are now carrying products such as La Roche-Posay, Vichy, and Laneige.

During my latest trip to Target, I took advantage of their new set up and picked up a few Laneige products to give a try.  I have been eyeing Laneige products for a while now, because the brand is so highly talked about in the Korean Beauty industry.  However, the prices were always a bit high and they weren't as easily accessible.  But now with Target carrying their products I can easily try out Laneige, and other premium skin care brands.

I picked up two products I have been eyeing every since I saw their campaign release, the Water Bank Gel Cream and Water Sleeping Mask.  Both being advertised and incredibly hydrating and soothing for the skin.  I thought they would be a a good replacement for my Chanel day and night creams, at a lower price.

I have to say, the prices on these products, and all of the other products in their line, are quite reasonable for being premium skin care products.  And the packaging is just beautiful!

I have been testing these products out for a few weeks now, so keep an eye out for a more comprehensive review on the products coming soon.



Make Up Wedges

I went a while with applying my liquid foundation with my fingers, because it was one of the best ways to warm up and blend in product for a more natural look.

I've always wanted to try those Beauty Blenders, however I didn't find them as practical.  One because of the price, and secondly because I know myself to be quite lazy about cleaning off my brushes enough times to keep bacteria from building up.

However, I found an old alternative that has always worked well for professional make up artists in the past.  Disposable make up wedges!

People used these for years, and they have always worked well, so why not bring them back.  They are small, convenient, and get the job done.  Each wedge gives me two uses, and I can just simply toss them out once, ensuring that I am getting a clean sponge every for every foundation application.



Sunday, May 11, 2014

China Glaze Sea Spray

Another great spring time polish for me is China Glaze's Sea Spray.

With a very appropriate name, this sea foam blue just looks so relaxing and serene on the nails.  I don't have many China Glaze polishes in my collection, but when I do pull out the few I have I rediscover my appreciation for the unique colors and quality of formula.

Sea Spray works perfectly for this Mother's Day weekend!



Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OPI Panda-Monium Pink

One of my favorite romantic shades in my polish collection has to be OPI's Panda-Monium Pink.  I have to be honest though.  I initially purchased this polish because of it's name, who could pass up something called Panda-Monium?!

But boy am I glad I mad this impulse purchase because I think I've about half way through with this nail polish bottle.  Which makes me a bit sad because it is a limited edition polish.

Panda-Monium Pink is the perfect pink toned lilac color (confusing I know).  It's just a beautiful soft pink that is not like any other pink because of the tinge of light purple in it.  I love wearing this on sunny days, and just makes every outfit look like a date night outfit.

I may even like this more than Essie's Fiji, which says something.



Remington Bikini Trimmer

Summer is just around the corner (hopefully it comes sooner rather than later), and you know what that means's bikini season.  I've been testing out a few drugstore brand bikini trimmers, and today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Remington Bikini Trimmer.

The trimmer comes with an adjustable length setting, allowing you to choose from three different lengths (I always use the closest shave for a cleaner look) and an exfoliating brush which helps prep the area to prevent in grown hairs.

As of now, the Remington Bikini Trimmer is my favorite from the drugstore choices of trimmers.  I love how gentle the trimmer is, leaving the area feeling soft, while still getting the job done.  The handle was designed to easily reach any area, and being battery operated you don't have to worry about loose cords in the shower.  I use the rotating exfoliating for pre and post trim, and I have not had any problems with in grown hairs.

I picked up my trimmer at a local Walgreens on sale, and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable option.



Zoya Kristen

For Easter weekend, I couldn't think of a more appropriate polish to wear than Zoya's Kristen.

Kristen, applies as the perfect robin's egg blue.  A beautiful color to celebrate the Easter weekend and welcome the Spring season.  I absolutely love how creamy and opaque the polish applies, and the color just stands out in any lighting.

Zoya formulates some of the most beautiful pastel colors for the spring.  Definitely check out their collection for more colors for the warmer season!