Thursday, May 29, 2014

Travel Skin Care Essentials

Even while on vacation, I can't bear to be away from my skin care essentials for too long.  We all want our skin to be on it's best behavior, especially while on vacation with all the pictures you'd be taking.  So whether I am on a road trip, or flying somewhere, I always make sure to have my current favorite products right along side with me.

I love having a little spa set up in my hotel room.  I usually push all of the hotel products to the side (I don't usually use hotel products because I find them very drying) and create a little corner of my small favorites.  That way, they are easy to grab!

While we're on topic, I'll just share my latest favorites that I brought along with my on my last trip...

Chanel Exfoliating Gel: I always pack an exfoliating wash with me to create that extra smooth texture and splash of radiance.

Clarisonic Cleanser & Philosophy Purity: Basic cleansers on hand for makeup removal with my clarisonic.

Laneige Toner: Toners are great to have on hand because it just gives that extra cleanse.

Lancome Day & Night Cream: With the stress of traveling and hotel air conditioning, moisturizers are a must, especially in your sleep.

Hemp Moisturizer & Body Shop Body Butter: Who doesn't want that added softness?

Batiste Dry Shampoo: For that second day hair.

Make every trip enjoyable, but don't neglect your skin along the way!



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