Friday, May 2, 2014

Nashville Studs

My favorite part about traveling? Checking out the smaller boutiques in the city I am visiting.  Yeah sure shopping can be done anywhere, but if you really explore the city you can find little shops that carry special pieces to take back with you.  It's also the only time I tend to impulse buy things, because you have to decide right then and there,

During my latest trip with my girl friends to Nashville we had a special shopping event at Fire Finch Nashville, where they had Champagne waiting for all of us and offered us an additional 15% off purchases for the entire group!

So while I was walking around, these studs caught my eye.  But I didn't think anything of them until I noticed that I continued to come back to look at them the entire hour we were int he shop.  So what's a girl to do but buy them?!

They are some of my favorites lately and I have been getting so many compliments while wearing them.  Because they are studs they are pretty easy to style, my favorite being the simple tee-shirt and jeans look.  Definitely glad I came back with these!



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