Monday, June 9, 2014

H&M Bikini Tops

It's time to bust out those swim suits and spend some time in the sun! After the brutal winter we had here in this city, the thought of spending any free time just relaxing by the lake just has me smiling.

I decided to really celebrate summer by picking up a few new bikini tops.  I have a few trips planned out for the warm season, and new swim tops are a must!

One of my favorite places to check for affordable swimwear is H&M.  They have really improved on the quality of their pieces and what's even better is that they've kept their affordable prices.  I picked up these adorable pieces during one of their most recent sales, with some of the tops going for only $4.95! You definite;y can't beat that.  Not only do they fit well, but they are freaking adorable!



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