Thursday, June 5, 2014

Laneige Power Essential Skin Toner

Over the Winter, my skin was looking it's best.  I had a great routine for it, and things were looking and feeling smooth.  However, because of my combination skin type, when the season changes, my skin also changes.  I like to call my skin high maintenance because it does take a bit of extra care and attention to get it looking healthy.  With the warmer season, my skin becomes more prone to breakouts.  Because of all of the time I am spending outside enjoying the weather, I also have to be ware that I am exposing my face to more dirt particles and sweat.

After messing around with a few brands getting ready for summer skin, I have discovered that Laneige has been a savior.  The Laneige Power Essential Skin Toner has been such a great solution for my skin.  I picked up the formula for combination to oily skin, but they also have one formulated for dry to normal skin types.

The toner is a refresher to the skin, providing and keeping all of the moisture locked in.  When used with an exfoliating cotton pad, it wipes away any dead skin cells or residue, leaving a protective layer on the skin that does not feel greasy.

I love using this right after a shower or bath, and I also keep it handy in my beach bag as a quick cleanser/refresher.  It dries down nicely and works as a great base for makeup.  Definitely a summer must have for my skin care routine!



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