Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Laneige Multi Cleanser

More Laneige! Yes I have slowly become a little bit obsessed with their skin care line.  I mainly was excited to see them available in the Target Premium Beauty section, making purchasing their U.S. products so easy.

During the summer time, I like to have a variety of simple cleansers available.  With spending so much more time outside and being more active (sweating a whole lot more), my skin tends to need a little bit more attention and needs that extra cleansing step.

So before any type of treatment cleanser, I like to do an initial topical cleanser.  This removes excess makeup and residue from the surface of your face, allowing my treatment cleansers to really work into the skin.  And the Laneige Multi Cleanser does the job, and does it so well!

If you're looking for a simple cleanser that removes makeup and dirt, for any skin type, this is the perfect one for you.  It literally leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without feeling dry and over worked.  And you literally need no more than a pea sized amount to get the job done.  What I usually do it apply it all over my dry face and massage the product in.  Then, I wet my fingers and continue to massage the product in for about a minute to lather it up.  Rinse, and then continue on with my other products.

I love the easy squeeze tube packaging, and that you get so much product!  Easy one step cleanser if you have no skin issues, and easy makeup remover if you need that extra cleanse.



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