Thursday, September 19, 2013

L'Oreal, The Old and The New

It's been a while since I've wandered around the drugstore beauty aisles, so I've definitely fallen behind on what's new these days.  However, when I found myself in need of a replacement liquid eyeliner I knew I couldn't put it off any longer.

Of course I wanted to pick up my old favorte, the L'Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner as my replacement liner.  I've been using the L'Oreal liquid eyeliner for years now and I cannot see myself loving anything else.  Nothing's more intense in color, and the felt tip applicator cannot be any easier to use.  A great liquid liner for beginners and makeup experts.

And, as I was picking up my liner, I came across the display for the new L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation.  I recognized the bottle from a few reviews and blog posts I've come across online, and because I remembered hearing a few good comments about the foundation I decided to give it a go.  But I cannot lie, the cute packaging was also another bonus about picking up the foundation.

It's definitely been a long while, a little over a year, since I've given a drugstore foundation a try.  They've usually not worked out so well for me.  However, because L'Oreal has been a trusted drugstore brand for me that I don't think much can go wrong.

Keep an eye out for a more comprehensive review on the L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation in the next week.



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