Monday, November 18, 2013

Brian Atwood Pumps

Like the essential Little Black Dress, I believe every girl needs the perfect pair of black pumps in her closet.  Now, these are not my only pair of black heels that I own (if you know me well you know I have a small obsession with shoes), however these are my favorite pair.

I don't always splurge on my shoes.  For me, it's more about comfort than cost and it just varies between brands.  However, for my go to black pumps I wanted them to be a nice pair made with real leather.

So when I saw these pair of black Brian Atwood pumps discounted a few months ago I just had to make them mine.  They are sky high, but with the built in platform they are still comfortable to walk in.  The leather is extremely nice and the finish is just beautiful.  It's a classic pair that I know will be wearing for a while.



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