Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Benefit Watt's Up!

Winter is here, and it's definitely the season for highlighters.  I have an array of highlighters in my makeup collection, however Benefit's Watt's Up! is my first cream to powder highlighter.  I usually prefer powder products because I find them easier to work with (especially on my combination to oily skin), so I don't think I would have ever purchased this product on my own.  However, because Sephora is awesome, and offered this deluxe travel sized version of the Benefit's Watt's Up! as a birthday gift this year, I get to have to opportunity to test out the product.

As mentioned, Benefit's Watt's Up! is a cream to powder champagne highlighter.  It's suppose to add a luminous glow to your cheeks (and all of the other high points on your face) to really amp up your complexion.

My thoughts? The champagne tones work perfectly with my slightly warmer skin tone.  The texture and consistency of the cream highlighter is incredibly smooth and velvetly (which makes application feel like butter).

A little really goes a long way with this product.  There were a few reviews that I've read saying that the highlighter can give that oily look.  However, I find that it highlighters only look and feel oily when people tend to over apply or under blend.  Blending is key when it comes to any make up product, especially highlighters.  You want the product to look very natural and subtle.

For me, I wouldn't recommend applying the Watt's Up! highlighter straight from the tube (even though it seems like the most convenient way to apply it.  I prefer to pick some product up with my finger and tap it on the top of my cheeks and bridge of my nose.  This really warms the product up and ensures that you're not over applying.

This definitely has been one of my must have makeup products for my every day look for the colder season.  And this little deluxe sample is definitely going to go a long way.


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