Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Forever21 Activewear

With 2013 coming to a close and the New Year just hours away, we come closer to facing our New Years resolutions.  What's usually the first thing one everyone's list? Probably to be more active, hit the gym and workout more.  January is the month where gym memberships sky rocket because everyone has their eye on the prize, to look great on the beach come summer time.

After crossfitting for the past 4 months, I can say that living healthy and fit is definitely my lifestyle.  But you know what also helps you feel great and stay motivated? Looking cute while doing it all!

Activewear can be quite pricey, but you don't have to spend that much to look good while working out.  One of my favorite places to pick up affordable activewear is Forever21.  I usually strike out in their stores, but their online selections are great!

I picked up these cute, medium impact sport bras in an array of colors for just $8.80/bra! They fit incredibly well and are incredibly soft and comfortable.  What's also great is that they have a very thin padding that helps keeps the girls in and comfortable.  And along with the bras, I also picked up these skinny workout shorts (with side pockets, love pockets!) made out of nylon and spandex for $12.80/short.  They fit true to size, and just because they say skinny they aren't tight at all.  They are so comfortable and soft to wear, and work really well during an entire workout.

So before you go spending tons of money on the higher brand items, check out Forever21.com for items that might catch your eye (and won't drain your bank account).



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