Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's The Little Things

Sometimes, keeping it small and simple is the best way to go.  I know statement necklaces are the talk of the season and will continue to be a huge trend in the fashion industry, however, sometimes it's nice to look at the little things.  These two necklaces were my absolute favorite gifts that I had received for my birthday last November, and they really came from the heart.

The first of the two being a Barneys New York initial necklace that was given to me by two pretty awesome friends.  I have no clue how they knew, but I've been wanting a little initial necklace for a little over a year now but wasn't able to find one the right size.  Made with 18k gold, this dainty initial necklace sits perfectly on my neckline and can be layered with my other charms and necklaces.

I have been pairing my initial necklace with this Jared's birthstone necklace that was given to me by my best friend.  This citrine stone represents November, and is just beautiful!  It's small, but the gemstone packs a lot of impact.  

These two worn together just represents me, making them a very special pairing.



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