Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto

For the past year and a half now, Rebecca Minkoff has slowly become one of my favorite designer handbags.  If I had to describe my style, I would have to say that it's a combination of classic and edgy at the same time.  And I think Rebecca Minkoff does the classic, edgy style perfectly.  I absolutely love my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag, and honestly wish I can afford having on it every color.  However, when I saw their latest design, I just couldn't keep away.

Rebecca Minkoff introduced their latest bag, the Hudson Moto, I think almost a year ago.  And it is absolutely beautiful.  I have no idea why I was just so drawn to it, but the structure and functionality of the Hudson Moto bags make it the absolutely perfect, every day bag for any girl.

Now, even though I came across the Hudson Moto bags months ago, I couldn't justify buying them at full price.  I guess I've just turned into that bargain hunter shopper.  That's why I absolutely love websites like  It gives people like me (who are into designer brands but not designer prices) the chance to snag awesome deals and quality products.

So when I spotted these Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Moto bags on their site, I did not waste any opportunity to pick up not just one, but two of the handbags.  Did I need two? No.  Did I want two? Absolutely! For the price they were going at I definitely could not pass up the deal.  Especially when choosing between the two colors became extremely difficult for me.

The first, the Rebecca Minkoff Hudson Mini Moto.  The Hudson Moto Mini retails at around $270, but had them priced at $169.  I immediately dropped this in my shopping cart.  The tawny, nude color just works so well as an every day bag for me.  And even though this is the mini version, it still has plenty of space and pockets to carry everything I need.

My extra splurge on this purchase was definitely this full size, wine colored Hudson Moto.  Originally retailed at $365, I purchased it on for $220.  I wasn't able to resist the beautiful color, and thought it would carry so well into the spring season.  Now this is definitely a bit bigger than the mini Hudson Moto, however, even with my petite size, it works well for me.

The quality and structure of these Hudson Moto bags are impeccable, and I am definitely glad I finally got my hands on them for such an amazing price.



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