Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rx Smart Gear

Now I know I mainly focus on beauty and fashion related topics, but I just thought I had to share this item with all of my readers.  With the New Year comes a whole bunch of New Year Resolutions.  Having resolutions are fantastic, but usually keeping up with them throughout the year is easier said than done.  So how am I going to keep up with my health kick resolutions? By making investments.

When I have invested in a membership and invested in good quality gear, I amp myself up and find it more motivating to keep moving.  So along with my CrossFit membership, I picked up a training jump rope that was customized for me.  This makes it a little more pricey than the average rope you find in stores.  However, because it's personalized for my height, and I spent a bit more on it, it motivates me to use it more and more.

The Rx Smart Gear jump ropes are one of the highest quality jump ropes I've ever found.  There are so many training ropes out there, but after talking to my coaches and testing out a few other brands, I find that the Rx Smart Gear rope suits me best.  They also come in different resistance levels, really catering to beginners as well as advanced jump rope levels.  The design on them is pretty amazing.  There's a built in swivel axis attachment that allows the person using the jump rope to control their speed better, giving you a more controlled timing on your jumps.  The handles give you a nice grip and really fits in your hands comfortably (even with small hands like mine).  And the best part? Each rope is custom measured to match your height, so you won't have to do the extra work of measuring it out and re-sizing the rope yourself.

They come in an assortment of colors and designs.  However, I like the sleek look of an my black ops handle with a black cable.

You can find their products here: http://www.rxsmartgear.com/jump-ropes/

A lot of people may say "it's a jump rope, just go outside and run."  Well, one of the key things I've learned after the few months of training I've been doing is variety.  Changing up your workouts and getting out of routines keeps you more interested.  So changing up my cardio options from running to rowing to jump roping, will definitely keep my body in shape and my workouts more interesting.



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