Friday, October 12, 2012

Chanel Ultra Correction Line Repair Eye Cream

A little while ago my Dad had purchased a few items from Chanel for my Mom for their anniversary (which was the sweetest thing to see them exchange gifts), and the Chanel Ultra Correction Line Repair Eye Cream was one of the products she was given.  It's a very soft, anti-wrinkle under eye cream that decreases any appearance of puffiness or darkness.

I usually have my Origins under eye cream for my night time skin care routine, but lately I haven't been getting enough rest so my eyes were definitely in need for some extra TLC.  So I decided to use a little bit of her Chanel Ultra Correction Line Repair Eye Cream to see how well the product actually works for, especially since the price tag if pretty steep.

I can honestly say that the overnight difference was definitely noticeable.  My under eyes were looking extremely tired and a little darker than usual, but after applying the cream and resting overnight I definitely loved what a difference it made the next morning.  My under eyes definitely looked more hydrated and less dull.  The consistency of the cream was extremely light, and I can feel my skin absorbing all of the product immediately.

Because this is such an expensive cream, I don't think I would want to use it everyday, especially because my Origins under eye cream works just fine at a better price.  But because the effects are so quick and amazing, I would use this for those special occasions where I want to look a little more awake and have my under eyes brighten up a bit.

My Mom absolutely loves this.  Because I don't have wrinkles to really worry about, I was not able to feel much of a difference when it comes to it being an anti-wrinkle cream.  However, she told me she can feel her under eye area tightening up a bit and loves the results of the cream.  So for the price, you are really getting your moneys worth.  I would have to say that for someone my age, this cream is a little bit much and you can probably get away with other brands of under eye cream (such as Korres or Origins).  But for older women looking to really repair and rejuvenate the under eye area, the Chanel Ultra Correction Line Repair Eye Cream will not disappoint.



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