Monday, October 29, 2012

OPI Schnapps Out Of It!

Since I am trying to get back on track when it come to nail polish reviews, I decided to give one of the newer OPI polishes from their Germany collection a try.  I was feeling quite in the Fall mood, and because the end of October is quickly approaching I decided to give OPI's Schnapps Out Of It! a go.

Schnapps Out Of It!(which is quite a cute name) is a try pumpkin orange in my opinion, so I found it quite appropriate for the end of October.  I don't actually own a lot of orange polishes, just a bright orange I believe from Essie.  But I am kind of liking this deeper, more brown orange shade because it is a bit more subte and Fall appropriate.

Along with the color, which is true to color when applied on the nails, I was quite impressed with the formula of Schnapps Out Of It!  It's an incredibly creamy and opaque varnish which applies quite evenly on the first coat.  This picture of the color swatch was actually taken after applying only ONE coat of Schnapps Out Of It! on my nails (which I don't do often).  But because the color was already completely opaque, and the application was so even, I found no reason to go in with a second coat (which I have never done with any other polish).

Definitely going to enjoy this shade until the end of Halloween week, and will be off to my polish soon after.  So keep an eye out for that!



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