Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Mad Hatter FASHION

Halloween is slowly creeping on us, and every where I go I see people frantically shopping to put their costume together.  When I think of Halloween and costume ideas, I always go back to childhood storybooks and certain characters to find inspiration.

When I combine my love for fashion now with my obsession with storybook characters as a child, I would have to say that the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland is the perfect style icon.

It's Mad Hatter FASHION

So in honor of the Halloween season, I decided to come up with an inspiration board for Mad Hatter, which includes two looks.  One is a Halloween look, with more quirky pieces that really fits the Mad Hatter look, while the other is more of an everyday look that consist of pieces inspired by the character.

Halloween is all about being creative.  By using your imagination, you can transform your look into anything you want to become.  Although this is definitely a more designer style (and priced) look, I still had fun putting it together.

- Mary Katranzou Dress
- Disney Mad Hatter Hat
- Smallable Black Tights
- Steve Madden Troopa Boots

- Smythe Peaked Lapel Blazer
- ACNE High Waisted Zip Trouser
- Wool Bucket Ribbon Hat
- Michael Kors Mariel Flat Riding Boot

The everyday inspired look is definitely more toned down and wearable.  You have the structure and whimsical feel for the character, yet still being classic and sophisticated.



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