Friday, February 8, 2013

Essie Fiji

One of my go to, must have colors to have when it comes to nail polish is Essie Fiji.  I can honestly say that if I had to choose one color out of my entire nail polish collection that's my favorite, it would be Essie's Fiji.  As long as they don't discontinue the shade, I can continue to recommend this color all of the nail polish junkies out there (and it'll definitely be a sad day if they ever discontinue Fiji).

I was initially drawn to Essie's Fiji because of how creamy the polish looked.  It's a true milky pink that doesn't lean too pale white.  For me, it's a classic, clean, sophisticated color that also has that slight feminine touch.  It works well for me all years round and I do prefer Fiji to most of my other nude/pale pink polishes because it is the perfect shade for me.

When I can't decide which polish to where (out of my unnecessarily large collection) I will most likely gravitate towards Essie's Fiji because it's an easy shade to wear.  Fiji works well with just about any outfit and any occasion.  Now here's the downside to Essie's Fiji: It's a PAIN to apply! It's definitely not like any of the creamy Zoya polishes that applies effortlessly.  Fiji is not a polish for the newbies to self polish application, so definitely take your time with it.  For me, patiently adding thin layers work best.  That avoids any streaking and unevenness.

Fiji is also a must have for me when I am going to more special events, such as weddings.  It gives that clean look that just works well for me.  So you can always find this in my travel bag.  I love how it wears and lasts on the nails, and you can definitely trust it to last up to one week before slight chipping.



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