Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nails Inc. Chelsea Bridge

With my nail polish collection being so large (hmm should I do a collection post one day?), you can imagine how different shades of red I might have.  For me, I am quite picky with the shade of red I like for my skin tone.  Dark red with tones of purple are ok once in a while, but I am more of the true, bright reds because it is more of a classic color that is definitely eye catching.

One of the red polishes that I have been obsessed with for month of February has been Nails Inc. Chelsea Red, from their Autumn collection.  I have the mini version of the polish, and actually think I am going to finish the entire bottle soon if I continue to love it.

Chelsea Bridge is the absolutely perfect (in my opinion) bright, cherry red that works well for day and evening looks.  It's opaque in one coat, which is also amazing, but I always apply two coats of polish for that extra shine.  And as for the lasting power, I was still rocking this polish 10 days later with very minimal chipping.

Nails Inc. has definitely made a great impression for me, and their polishes have the best high shine, glossy finish that I have ever seen.  You can actually go without a top coat because the finish of the polish is that beautiful, but it's best to never skip the top coat because it does help the polish last a few days longer.

So if you need a new red in your life, definitely check out Chelsea Bridge.



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