Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Nail Effects

I have seen all of these sticker like nail strips out on the market for a while now, but was never really excited to give them a try.  Because I like just more basic, solid colors I just stuck with the conventional nail polish.  However, when I saw the Sally Hansen Salon Nail Effects in the Check It Out design, it reminded so much of a Houndstooth print that I just wanted to give it a try.  I absolutely love Houndstooth print, so I kind of had high hopes for these.

I definitely was worried that the strips wouldn't fit my nail size properly, but they had a great variety of sizes in there that they worked out for all of my nails.  And as for the application process, it was definitely much easier (and faster) than I had expected.  I had all of the strips on my nails in less than five minutes, so these are definitely a great concept for convenience.  The time you spend on getting your nails all polished up is cut down immensely because you don't have to wait for them to dry.

As for the wear, they was skeptical about them lasting up to the 10 days they claim, but after a week and a half of wear I still had these little guys on before minor chipping.  However, I did seal all of the edges and sides of my nails with top coat to prevent any peeling from water exposure.

I definitely am enjoying these, but after seeing them on all of my nails the print did look a little overwhelming (and not as simple as I usually am).  Because I still like these, I think next time I would just use the strips as an accent for one or two nails.  That way, I get more use out of the strips (since they are $8-10 for one box) and I get a little bit of a fun pop out of them too.



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