Monday, May 20, 2013

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

The past weekend definitely gave everyone int he city a glimpse of what Summer is going to be like around here.  It had to be the best weather we've had this year, thus far, and I definitely took advantage of every minute.  Because of the amazing sunshine, I decided to go for a bright and fun polish to kick off the warm season.

Because I have been enjoying China Glaze polishes for the entire month of May, I decided to pick up on of the most talked about colors in there collection, Flip Flop Fantasy.  I believe it was released last summer, and really became a hit in the beauty blogger world.  Because of it's bright and bold color, it's a really popular shade for the season.

Bright pinks are really popular for the summer, and Flip Flop Fantasy is definitely a bolder pink.  The shade is true to color on your nails, and definitely makes a statement.  It's a nice, opaque shade of polish.  But I did notice that the brighter, bolder polishes in the China Glaze line dry a bit matte (not entirely matte but they definitely don't have that glossy finish).  So because of that, I definitely would recommend a top coat over it to give it that nice, glossy finish.  But because of the formula, it dries very quickly after application.

I did enjoy this shade because it was fun to wear, and it did get a lot of attention.  However, I do think it'll be more appropriate for my toes than my fingers.  I tend to get a bit distracted when I wear colors as bold as Flip Flop Fantasy on my fingers (especially while I am driving).

Definitely a great pick for the Summer!