Friday, May 3, 2013

Jo Malone Haul

Jo Malone has been greatly talked about, especially in the UK.  However, whenever I pass by their section int he mall I just get so overwhelmed by the amount of scents they have and usually don't give them a try.  I've always been safe when it comes to fragrances, sticking to the scents I know I already love and work for me.  Also, because I am kind of picky with my scents, it's quite hard to add a new love to my collection.  That is, until now.

While I was at Nordstrom, I decided to give Jo Malone a try.  Their packaging is just too hard to resist.  What made my experience 100 times better was the service that I received at their counter.  They weren't just Nordstrom sales associated trying to sell you any scent.  Instead, they were experts from the Jo Malone brand that were so helpful and patient with helping me pick out the right fragrance for me.

So what did I end up with?

Wild Bluebell Cologne
Wild Bluebell Body Creme

I absolutely love that they call their scents colognes instead of perfumes.  It makes it feel more expensive and classic.

Along with my purchases they threw in some amazing samples for me to try (always great!):

Wild Bluebell Body/Handwash
Blackberry and Bay Body Creme
Grapefruit Cologne
Nectarine and Honey Cologne
English Pear and Freesia Cologne
White Jasmine and Mint Cologne
Wild Bluebell Cologne

These little samples are going to be great to have on hand in my bag.  I definitely will be reviewing my two big purchased from Jo Malone separately, so keep an eye out for them!



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