Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Velour Lashes

I am finally breaking into the world of false lashes, and I have to say I am still fairly new and am such a beginner when it comes to false lashes.  The concept of applying false lashes on my own eyes have always been intimidating to me (I mean having to apply glue on lashes and place it just above your eyes are a scary thought).  There were so many negative thoughts going on my mind when I first considered lashes, with one of them being: What if my real lashes fall/tear off from the glue?

But after talking to a few of my great friends that use false lashes almost on a daily basis, and getting tips from make up artist friends of mine I decided to give it a go.  And because my only Brother's wedding was this summer (May 25th), I wanted to really make my eye makeup pop for the special occasion.

So what better way to try out false lashes than splurging for the best? I have read so many reviews on false lashes and looked at so many tutorials to prepare myself for this.  And with all of that, I thought that the Velour Lashes would suit me well.  I wanted something that looked real and natural while still being comfortable.

I picked up two of the most recommended lashes from Velour: You Complete Me and Are Those Real?

Are Those Real? are just every day looking lashes.  They have a natural look to them with a medium length.  So they still give you that added oomph to your look while still looking very simple.

You Complete Me are a little bit more dramatic than the first pair.  They add a bit of thickness and fullness to your lashes, especially at the outer corner of the eyes.  These are still at a medium length so they are not outrageous and can be worn daily if desired.  However, I like to save these for more special occasions to really make my eyeshadow look pop.

Velour Lashes are based in Toronto, Canada and are 100% mink and cruelty free lashes that are handmade.  They are definitely the definition of high end, luxurious and sophisticated lashes.  Packaged beautifully, when first removed from their boxes you can see the how soft and natural the hairs on the lashes look.  They feel so real to the touch, and the quality is just amazing.  They feel so lightweight on the lash line and just fit my eye shape so well.  The band is not too thick, yet stable enough to wear up to 25 times making the price a little more worth it.

I am absolutely in love with these lashes! Although I am still a novice when it comes to application, practice makes perfect! I absolutely love their website because they have the best descriptions and pictures comparing the lashes on the lids.  They also have a How To video, making it perfect for beginners like myself.  And I believe all of their lashes are currently marked down to about 50% off on their website now, so definitely check them out!

What I loved even more was the customer service of the brand.  I am all about customer service, so when I receive great service I always make it known.  The lashes I received were on back-order and I had received and email notifying me of the delay.  Because I needed to lashes by my Brother's wedding date I asked them if they would arrive on time, and they replied to my email within hours.  I definitely appreciate their help and customer service!

Shop Velour Lashes: http://velourlashes.com/products-page/upper-lashes/

Velour Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Velour-Lashes/226187494075284?ref=br_tf



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