Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zoya: Pretty In Blues

I have to say, from my entire experience with experimenting with different nail polish brands, the brand that has stood out when it comes to quality and consistency has been Zoya.  I am pretty particular when it comes to the finishes and opacity of my nail polishes.  And because Zoya carries the largest selection of amazing creme polishes I can't seem to keep my hands off of them.

During my last visit to my favorite salon, Egea located in Evanston, IL (ask for Sharon if you're ever there, she is amazing!) I noticed that they had a selection of Zoya polishes.  So of course I had to look through and found two that I just had to take home with me.  They were definitely both impulse buys!

The polishes I picked up were Blu and Rocky, which are both in the blue side of the color spectrum.  I actually realized that I don't own anything other than dark, navy blue (almost blackened) polishes, so these are definitely a great summery addition to the collection.

I usually don't like to buy polishes at their full price (especially since I can get other brands such as OPI and Essie at a very discounted price).  However, because Zoya hasn't had any promotions as of late and I love their polishes so much, it's much more convenient to pick these up in stores than ordering them online and going through the waiting process.  Definitely am looking forward to testing these colors out, I know they won't disappoint!



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