Monday, July 15, 2013

H&M Bikini Tops

Summer time means firing up that grill and enjoying some sunshine out by beach, and looking cute while doing all of that is just an added bonus.  I am a sucker for cute bikini tops, and I am especially drawn to the bandeau style (definitely don't need anymore tan lines).

Victoria Secret is of course one of my favorite places to pick up cute bikinis, however their prices can be a little bit outrageous if you're a girl on a budget.  So one of my other go to places is H&M.  I unfortunately don't get the opportunity to shop at H&M often, but on my last trip there I was lucky to pick up these two pieces.

I absolutely love the ruched detailing on the tops and the fit was quite comfortable and flattering.  I appreciate the clasp back closure instead of a tie back bikini top as well.  I first fell in love with the beautiful sky blue top and picked it up immediately.  But when I saw that they were only priced at around $10 a piece I thought why not pick up another.  You can't go wrong with a neutral grey right?

I decided not to go with matching bottoms because I do have black bottoms to mix up with these tops.  They have definitely been my favorite for the past week as the sun keeps shining in the city.



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