Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zoya Blu

Continuing with my love for Zoya polishes, I decided to break into one of my newer Zoya purchases for the season.  And let me tell you, I have never been so in love!

I recently picked up Zoya's Blu from my salon a few weeks ago and I cannot be any happier with the purchase.  I love that they carry Zoya polishes because it really takes out the waiting part while ordering online.  That, and seeing the polishes in person makes it easier to decide whether or not I want to actually purchase them.

I was initially attracted to Blu because it's definitely something I don't have in my collection already.  And to find a polish shade I don't already own is kind of rare when you consider how large my polish collection is.  I have been obsessed with creamy polishes, and Blu just looked like the perfect milky blue.  Blu is like the twin brother of Essie's Fiji (only in the shade blue) because they are both very creamy in formula and the milky shades are very similar.  The only thing is Blu is much easier to apply than Essie's Fiji (which is a major plus).

I wore this for most of the month of July, and it worked great while I was a wedding guest.  I received a whole bunch of compliments on the polish and it just works beautifully with any outfit (when dressed up or down).  Definitely a great Summer pick in my opinion.



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