Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wedged Booties

I've recently come to realize, and accept, that I may have a slight obsession with wedges.  I have worn my summer wedges to death (which makes me really sad) and while I was out looking for a replacement pair I came across these babies.

Booties are the most comfortable types dressier shoes in my opinion.  They work well when styled for the Fall and Spring seasons and I think that they look so chic.  I especially love these because they have a comfortable wedged heel, which makes walking around the city in style a lot easier.  The taupe color is a perfect neutral and the laced up detailing gives it that bit of a casual touch.

They cut off right at the ankle and fit perfectly.  Because I am a bit shorter I wouldn't style these with shorts or a dress/skirt because that would just give me an even shorter appearance.  They do, however, look incredible when styled with a nice pair of skinny jeans.  Sadly I don't know where you can find these, or even what brand they are, because I purchased then at Akira Chicago (a fantastic boutique here in the city) at the start of Summer.  However, this style can practically be found anywhere in department stores.



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