Friday, June 28, 2013

Baizaar Necklace Piece

One of my summer time Chicago activity is exploring all of the outdoor festivals.  Walking around the different neighborhoods in the city while enjoy art, music, and food is the best way to enjoy a great weekend in the city and get that full Chicago experience.  At the little festivals you see so many booths set up for local restaurants, businesses, and artists that it can be a bit overwhelming.  However, sometimes you come across that gem of a booth where you just find some of the coolest items.

I love looking for new jewelry pieces at these outdoor festivals because you find some of the most unique, and well crafted pieces while supporting local businesses.  This summer I've been into expanding my necklace and bracelet collection.  So while I was just walking around one of the festivals sometime in the beginning of June (I believe it was on Diversey Street), this beautiful necklace piece caught my eye.

It was on display at the Baizaar Shop booth and when I saw it I stopped immediately and purchased it on the spot (which is rare since I rarely make impulse buys).  The beautiful brass work and asian inspired details was just too beautiful to ignore.  And to my surprise this well crafted piece was priced at an affordable $25-30! Definitely one of my favorite statement necklaces that is now a part of my collection.  What's even better is that I feel like it's that one of a kind piece and a rare find.

I was sad that I did not have any other cash on hand because I also fell in love with so many of their other pieces, including their amazing metal/brass looking bracelets.  I was happy that they passed along their business card after my purchase because I definitely wanted more information on their shop.

Unfortunately, they do not sell their pieces online (which I was really bummed out about because there were a few more items I wanted to pick up).  However, they do have a Facebook fan page where they post about their updated booth locations around the city.  I have tried looking for their booths at a few other locations but have had no luck so far.  But I definitely want to keep on trying before summer comes to a close, so I will let you guys know if I get another chance to pick up a few more special jewelry items from the Baizaar Shop!

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