Friday, June 14, 2013

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne

I took the time to visit my local Jo Malone counter at Nordstroms a little over two months ago, and boy am I glad that I decided to stop by.  I've always passed their little section in Nordstroms and thought their set up is absolutely beautiful with how they display all of their products.  However, I was always intimidated with the amount of scents that they have and never thought to stop by and give them all a quick whiff.

While I was there I got to know one of their associates, who was a huge help it picking out the perfect scent for me.  I was looking for a new summer scent, so I told her I wanted something that was more refreshing and clean (not too floral or sweet).  Instantly she showed me their newer cologne that was released for the season, Wild Bluebell, and I fell in love!  I couldn't get enough of how much I like how the scent settled in with my skin and just how summery it made me feel.  So I decided to grab the cologne and the body creme.

I picked up the smaller (30mL) bottle of the Wild Bluebell scent because I thought the cute packaging was the perfect size to carry around in my bag if I wanted to have it on hand or while I travel.  It's described as "deliciously dewy," leaving the skin with a nice refreshing scent of bluebells.  "Luminous with lush persimmon, lilly of the valley and eglantine."  I cannot tell you how much I love this fragrance.  It's pretty rare for me to find a new scent to love because I am quite particular and sensitive to fragrances, so this one will definitely be a keeper for me.

Along with the cologne, I decided to really dive in with my purchase and also pick up my first luxurious body creme also in the Wild Bluebell scent (yes I loved it that much).  The body creme is nothing like I've ever tried before.  It's thick enough to be extremely moisturizing, but light weight enough to not feel uncomfortable after application.  It's one of those products that just pampers the skin, leaving it incredibly soft and smooth.

I've definitely fallen in love.



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