Thursday, June 27, 2013

Zoya Marley

Most of the month of June has been dedicated to one polish for me.  Mainly because I've been too lazy to really change it up, and because the color is one of my favorites for the season.  You really can't go wrong with Zoya polishes, especially the creamy finishes.  They are great for the summer because I find that they are long lasting and just wear so well.

This month, Marley has been my absolute favorite.  I found it tucked away in my collection and decided to give it a go.  Upon first application I knew it was going to be my go to polish for the month.  Marley is a true lilac color with the perfect creamy formula.  It's opaque in two thin coats and just settles on the nail bed so well.

For me, shades like Marley are perfect because they add that slight hint of color without being too bold.  It works perfectly for more professional occasions and really goes well with most outfits (almost working as a neutral color).

I really need to switch up the colors for next month but am finding it hard to part with this one for a while.



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