Thursday, March 27, 2014

Slim Sonic Toothbrush

One thing I always make sure to have with me in my bag, is a travel size toothbrush.  Yes, this is an absolute must for me! With long days and multiple meals, I can't stand the idea of waiting until going home to brush up (also you never know when you end up spending the night at a friend's place).

I usually just went for the regular ones you find in the drugstore in their travel section.  However, when I came across this Slim Sonic Toothbrush at Ulta (also found in their travel section in the check out line), I thought it was perfect! It's a sonic toothbrush so it runs on a battery and vibrates, and it comes with an extra brush head (always great).  What I loved most about it was the packaging.  It has a built in case, making it very portable and hygienic.

I take this bad boy with me every where and it fits in almost every mag/clutch that I own.



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