Monday, March 3, 2014

Schick Quattro Trim Style Razor

Bikini lines, definitely not a subject mentioned often, but also a very important topic (in my opinion).  I already have summer on my brain, but keeping things trimmed well is important for me year round.  I usually make an appointment for a bikini wax every 2 months or so.  However, getting 6 bikini waxes a year does take a toll on my bank account.  So I decided to try out a few other, more affordable, alternatives to keeping my bikini region groomed.

There are plenty of bikini trimmers on the market, so I decided to do a little research and came across the Schick Quattro Trim Styler.  Upon reading the reviews and description of the trimmer, I decided to give this one a try.

The Schick Quattro Trim Styler is a four blade razor, designed to be waterproof.  There are three different adjustments to the trimmer that are easily interchangeable, along with an attached razor at the other end of the trimmer.  Designed to get the closest shave, you can control how much, or how little you want to take off around your bikini area.

Now, being a person that regularly gets waxed, you can imagine I like to get a closer shave without any stubble.  I use the trimmer on the closest shave setting, trying to get a cleaner look.  The results? The trimmer works incredibly well around the sensitive areas, I have not nicked out cut myself while using it.  It's easy to use in the shower, and with the longer handle, can reach those sensitive areas really well.   It runs on a battery, which doesn't make it as strong of a razor, but it still does get the job done pretty well. I do find it as a great alternative to waxing (maybe using this in between waxes to cut down spa costs), but around the summer time I probably would splurge more for a wax.

For anyone not willing to experience or splurge on a wax, I would definitely recommend looking into a trimmer like the Schick Quattro Trim Styler to stay groomed.  There are a few more higher end trimmers that'll I'll probably give a try in the next few months.  So keep an eye out for comparison reviews.



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