Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lancome Visionnaire

One of the most innovative skin care lines has to be Lancome.  Although I love their makeup collections, when it comes to their skin repairing serums, they have most brands beat.  A few years ago, they had released the most about raved serum during that time, Genifique.  I was definitely a fan of the results of Genifique, but after finishing off my bottle I definitely wanted to try their newer, and highly talked about serum, Visionnaire.

Genifique is a Youth Activating Concentrate, working to bring back that moisture and softness to the skin, whereas Visionnaire is Lancome's "1st advanced skin corrector." Along with improving the texture of the skin, Visionnaire is formulated to re-create and restore your complexion.

The results? Diminishing the appearance of pores and wrinkles, along with any imperfections such as acne and sun damage.

Although Genifique worked well for me, my expectations for Visionnaire was to rid my skin of any acne marks, along with minimizing the appearance of my pores and smoothing out my skin texture.  One week after purchasing Lancome's Visionaaire, I couldn't have been happier with the progress of my skin.  After regular use for a continuous week, I definitely saw the size of my pores shrinking, and my skin has been incredibly soft to the touch.  After continuous use for 3 weeks, I can see an improvement on any dark spots from old acne marks around my cheeks and chin area.

My new lazy day routine: I can now just start my day with just Visionnaire along with a good morning moisturizer (with UV protection) and head out the door.

Does not matter if you are in your later 40-50's, or if you are in your mid 20's, Visionnaire will work for you.  Use it to repair any existing damage from years of sun exposure and wrinkles to reveal a younger complexion, or get ahead of the game and slow down any signs of aging and prevent dark spots and damage from creeping up on you.

Visionnaire definitely works incredibly as a quick skin corrector.  You can use it as a night time treatment, or apply before your foundation in the morning.  It works as a great make up base, providing that smooth canvas for your make up.

You have to understand that Visionaire is not a cleanser, so remember apply the serum after washing your face with your favorite cleanser and toner.  But be cautious, this product is a must have for every day skin care.  Stop continuous use and you will miss your beautiful and healthy skin.



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