Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nordstrom Haul

I had received a bunch of Nordstrom gift cards for my birthday last month, and along with that had built up a number of Nordstrom Rewards Cash, so I decided to pick up a few basics and a few gifts on during my last visit there.

They were having a huge beauty event last weekend at my local Nordstrom, where every makeup counter had their professional makeup artists to apply makeup for free.  They also had their brand specialists there to provide any extra help and give their professional input on the brand and their products.  What was even better was that they were also serving Mimosas to everyone! It couldn't have been a better day.

So I stopped by to visit a friend at the Chanel counter, and while I was there I got a little makeup applied by one of their best artists.  After that I picked up a new foundation, since my Summer tan is completely gone I definitely needed to rematch my foundation color to my Winter skin tone.  I also decided to pick up a few gifts at the Chanel and other counters while I was there, just to get a little of my Holiday shopping done while I had the time (and money).

I picked up the following:
- Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
- Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
- Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme
- Chanel Patent Cosmetic Bag (which was a free gift with purchase filled with samples!)
- MAC Fix Plus
- Nordstrom On The Go Manicure Kit

Definitely glad I had all of those giftcards and coupons to spend, because I definitely would not have been able to pick up some of these gifts.

I have already done a review on the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation, and seeing that this is a repurchase you can probably assume that I am really enjoying it.  As for the other products I can probably only review the manicure kit because everything else will be going to other people.



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