Sunday, December 9, 2012

Victoria's Secret Haul

I have been meaning to replace all of my older bras for a while now, and with the last promotion Victoria's Secret was having, I decided to take that opportunity to stock up on some new bras.  I believe all of my older bras have been 5+ years old, and because I have not really been careful with washing them, they have definitely been worn and washed out to the point where they are a bit uncomfortable to wear.

So, while Victoria's Secret was having there Buy One Get One 50% Off sale, I decided to use that time to pick up some great basic bras, along with a few sexy ones for those special occasions.  I have only owned one bra from Victoria's Secret, because of their steep price I usually go to Target or TJ Maxx to look for more affordable options.  However, after receiving all of these in the mail, I can kind of see why they are priced as they are.  All of them are extremely comfortable (even the push-ups) and feel extremely soft and smooth.

I know it looks like I went a little overboard with the amount that I picked up, but I couldn't resist the deal.  Add in the few VS gift cards I had received and a coupon for $50 off, I think I got a pretty good deal on all of these.  I have tossed away all of my older bras that are too worn to be comfortable anymore, and these should last me a long while  (if washed properly).

Definitely am loving their line of bras, especially the sexy styles.  I know they are meant to be worn underneath your clothes, so no one can see what they look like, but it does make me feel a bit more special to go a little sexy with bra choices once in a while.



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