Monday, February 3, 2014

Degree Dry Protection

I love finding deals and buying products in value packs.  What a better way o save than to get more for less money? When it comes to products that I know I will always use and will always need to re-stock on, finding value packs is a must.

I was looking to re-stock on my deodorant, and of course the best place for me to do that is to go to my local Sam's Club.  Stores such as Sam's Club and Costco are great places to pick up the usual products for discounted prices.  Recently, I picked up this Degree Dry Protection value pack.  In stores, each individual deodorant is priced at around $4/tube.  But at Sam's Club, I was able to pick up three full sized tubes along with one deluxe sized tube for a total of $9! Definitely a deal that I could not pass up.

What's even better is that I did not have to settle for the brand of deodorant.  Along with Secret, Degree Dry Protection is one of my top brands for ultimate, all day protection.  It keeps me feeling fresh all day (especially after a long session of Crossfit), and doesn't irritate my skin.  What I love even more is that it doesn't have the fruity, girly smell.  It gives off more of a refreshing and clean smell, which I can tolerate more.

Definitely can't pass up savings like this!



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