Sunday, February 2, 2014

Essie Midnight Cami

Continuing my current obsession for navy blue nail polishes, I decided to dip my fingers into Essie's Midnight Cami (one of my newest additions to my collection).

Like most of Essie's polishes, Midnight Cami does not disappoint when it comes to pigmentation.  It's a true, inky blue that is just captivating on the nails.  With just one to two thin coats, you get a beautiful, even finish that wears incredibly well.  And the best part? It doesn't stain my nails!

Compared to all of my other navy blue polishes, Midnight Cami stands out as being a true, dark inky blue with a clean finish.  There are no shimmers present, making it a real professional polish that works for the office.  I find the deep color very chic on shorter manicures.  Definitely one of my newer obsessions that is going to carry on well into February!



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