Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crown Brush 7 Piece HD Brush Set

HD Brushes have been making more and more of an appearance in the beauty community and I can see why they are pretty popular.  HD brushes are basically brushes with synthetic bristles, and I find synthetic bristles easier to care for when it comes to cleaning and making my brushes last.

I purchased this 7 piece brush set from Crown brushes on Hautelook.com a few weeks ago and I think I am going to be enjoying them.  I don't remember the exact price I payed for them, but I believe it was around $15-20, which is not a bad price at all.

The set includes the following:

- Deluxe tapered powder brush
- Deluxe tapered blush brush
- Deluxe concealer brush
- Deluxe crease brush
- Deluxe eyeshadow brush
- Deluxe eyeliner brush
- Metal spatula and mixing plate
- Carrying case

I love that includes a metal spatula and mixing plate, because those are the two things that I don't own already.  This is going to make a great traveling kit because it's very compact and the brushes are extremely soft.  Definitely got a great deal on these!




  1. Omg thank you for posting this review , I just purchase the same set today from hautelook and was wondering if I had made a good purchase , after seeing your review I feel much better , can't wait to get them !!!!

    Claudia :)

  2. I'm eyeing thing on haute look right now! great post!