Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NuMe Vintage Ceramic Flat Iron

A little over a month ago I received two My Glam bags which included two NuMe gift certificates (with each one being valued at $100).  So I decided to look around at reviews and see what if it was worth taking advantage of.

I had never heard of the hair tool brand NuMe before, and it's definitely not a hype on the online beauty community.  However, I did manage it find a few reviews and decided to purchase their Vintage Ceramic Flat Iron as a back up flat iron to keep at my boyfriend's place (I hate having to take my GHD around).

The NuMe flat iron is valued at $275, so with the two gift certificates I only paid $75 for the flat iron.  I was kind of blown away by the price of the NuMe flat iron, because it is considerably more expensive than my GHD (which is my holy grail flat iron).

The NuMe Vintage Ceramic Flat Iron is 100% solid ceramic iron which helps bring shine to the hair.  The curves edges of the flat iron can give you silky straight, beachy waves, or great curls with one tool.  It's meant for all hair types and the ceramic plates prevent drying out and any damage.  It can heat up to around 410 F and I love how compact it is.

The package also included a heat protectant pouch for convenient travels.

Now for the review, for being as expensive as it is, I can't say that the NuMe beats out my GHD.  It is nice as a back up flat iron but not a replacement.  It takes a little longer to heat up than my GHD, and I don't like that it's a dial switch for temperature changes (so I am never really sure what temperature it's at, only a certain range).  Also, I have to run through my hair a few more times than I usually do to get the look I want (even with my hair being fine).

I do enjoy that it leaves my hair smooth and does the job well of not drying out my hair and causing anymore damage.  Overall, it's a nice flat iron, but for the price I would just skip it and go for the GHD.




  1. Wow, I didn't know you can use two of the coupons together. Did you have any issues with ordering?

    1. It took a while for shipping but other than that I had no issues

  2. Thanks for the review.
    I've been looking into a new styling iron and saw one of these and thought about getting one. not sure now though because I have really thick hair. This was super helpful =)