Friday, April 27, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color Of The Year Eyeshadow Quad

When Sephora + Pantone Universe released their color of the year limited edition collection, they could not leave out eyeshadow products.  The created a chic palette of shadows that contain silky, smooth textured shadows that are inspired by the color of the year, tangerine.

Scallop, Carnelian, Sparrow, Pavement

The palette contains the following shadows:
- Scallop (nude)
- Carnelian (orange)
- Sparrow (plum)
- Pavement (black glitter)

Although these shadows are as bright and bold as the rest of the tangerine inspired products in the collection, aside from the orange shadow, they work well to bring some balance to the collection by adding neutrals.

These shadows are a huge improvement from the permanent shadow line in the Sephora line.  They are creamy to the touch and blend well on the lids.  Although the colors are not as pigmented when swatched and applied, as they may seem in the package, the colors are buildable and still wearable.

I am enjoying the creamy matte nude shade, it's just beautiful when swept across the entire lid.  And the orange is not too intense, making it wearable when paired with the beautiful plum with brown undertones.  The glittery black is not my favorite and I can go without it (I would have preferred a matte black), but all in all I think they did a great job creating this palette.

Again, I am in love with the Inglot inspired packaging of the palette.  It definitely makes the product look and feel more luxurious, and is more travel friendly.

This isn't my favorite product from the entire collection because I do feel that the colors should be more pigmented.  But because the quality of the shadows are great, and the colors are still buildable, I am definitely glad I picked this up.




  1. The orange looks beautiful. How much is this quad?

  2. I purchased the whole collection in a set, so it was a bit cheaper. But when purchased alone the quad is $28