Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tory Burch Sunglasses

I finally made the leap and bought my first pair of grown up sunglasses.  I have always been drawn to the more affordable sunglasses that you find int he little shops in the mall, sold for $5-20, however I never see them lasting more than one season.

With the more affordable sunglasses there are still risks because you don't get as much UV protection.  Honestly, you can see a huge difference when you're out on the beach wearing higher end glasses than with the more affordable brands.  I don't have to squint even with the glasses on and I can comfortably look up into the sky.

These are the Tory Burch aviators (number TY6006).  They are a classic style that fits my face perfectly.  The lens don't dip too low where they are rubbing against my cheeks, and the frames are light and fit comfortably.  The lens also have a hologram of the Tory Burch pattern that gives you an added protection.

I absolutely love the color and fit of these and I think they are perfect for my face shape.




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