Monday, April 29, 2013

OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts

The month of April here in the city has definitely been mainly filled with rain and gloomy clouds, so I of course had to relate my nail polish color to the mood of the weather here.  After looking around in my nail polish collection, I decided to pull out a nice, neutral, basic grey instead of going with a color with black tones.

Having a basic grey in your polish collection is great, and OPI's French Quarter For Your Thoughts is my absolute favorite true grey shade.

OPI's French Quarter For Your Thoughts is a true, creamy grey with no shimmers at all.  The milkiness of the shade just makes it absolutely beautiful.  Also, with it being so creamy, the color is incredibly opaque.  One coat of this polish and you'll be ready to go!

There's nothing much to say about this polish, but that's what's good about it.  Just a basic color that I love.




  1. I love basic colors.. that color will go with about anything and looks beautiful. Nice swatch pictures