Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Warby Parker 1922 Collection

A little over a week ago, I was contacted by the Online Media Manager of Warby Parker Eyewear to help with the announcement with the launch of their new 1922 Collection of Optical and Sun Glasses.  Usually, I don't really get into sponsored posts unless my heart is really into it, and don't worry this isn't the usual sponsored post where I share things they have sent.  Instead of sending me anything, I was provided with information about their new collection to look through, along with beautiful images of their new, vintage inspired, frames.

Now on to the 1922 Collection...

Warby Parker's new collection was inspired by the year 1922, which some of us may know that time period as the roaring 20's.  With the end of World War 1, women entering the workforce, and a nationwide prohibition, fashion and style changed from the more formal wear to a more relaxed,  sportswear type of style.
"Our new collection translates interwar glamour into a wearable future.  Each of the three new frames comes with a sunglasses version, and all feature dramatice details in custom acetate and lightweight stainless stell.  The 1922 Collection frames go as well with pearls as they do with your best Tin Pan Alley moves.  As they say: living well is the best revenge." 

The collection consists of three different frames...


Whiskey Tortoise                                    Gimlet Tortoise

Whiskey Tortoise                                    Gimlet Tortoise

The Porter frames were designed with slimmer wire temples and bold acetate eye frames.  With these bold accessories on you you'll definitely make a splash at any gathering.




The Duke frames really live up to their name.  The perfectly round frames bring a carefree, yet sophisticated style that is definitely a conversation starter.


Gold                                         Silver

Gold                                         Silver

The Joplin frames are a more wide spaced frame, designed with a fine wire and accented browline.  These add that dash of personality and style to any look.

Now these frames are definitely making a statement in the fashion world, and because of that I really love them.  Because of their bold and unique designs, they are a more standout accessory.  Which style do I prefer? The Duke frames have to be my favorite out of the collection.  They really bring back that 1920's, classic vintage look that I find fun and classic.  

What's even better about Warby Parker Eyewear, and what drew my heart to them the most, is that their mission statement is:

"We're Building A Company To Do Good In The World"

We may be blessed with access to affordable eye wear, but there are millions of others out there that do not have the luxury we have here.  With the help of Warby Parker and their Buy A Pair, Give A Pair program, with every pair of Warby Parker frames purchased, another pair is given to a person in need.

So make a difference in style and take a look at the Warby Parker 1922 Collection, along with their entire permanent selection of frames to give the gift of improved vision to those in need.

Warby Parker Sunglasses
Warby Parker Eyeglasses



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