Sunday, April 7, 2013

Zoya Dove

As the weather becomes brighter and brighter each day, I've slowly let go of my darker polishes and am re-exploring all of the lighter pastels in my nail polish collection.  I always find dark polishes (with black undertones) very chic and classic, but it's also fun to embrace the Spring-y colors.

One of the brands that has the best pastels and creamy colors has to be Zoya.  They have an amazing selection of "Easter" like shades and I am always drawn to their lighter shades.  Honestly, when their Spring and Summer collections and released everything just looks too pretty to pass up.

So while I was searching through my collection I came across Zoya's Dove which I have yet to try out.  Dove is an extremely creamy light blue with hints of gray.  It's a love "neutral" polish and just looks so well on all skin tones.  I especially love how opaque the formula of the polish is and how evenly it settles on your nail bed after application.  This is literally one coat and the application was not streaky at all.

It's definitely a great color to start the season!



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