Sunday, April 15, 2012

Real Techniques Brushes

I am always looking for great quality and affordable makeup brushes.  They say an artists needs the right tools to create a masterpiece.  Well, a makeup artists (or makeup junkie) needs the right brushes to create beautiful looks.

Instead of spending an insane amount of money on brushes, finding more affordable alternatives that get the job done just as well (if not better) is always preferred.  So when I heard about the Real Technique brushes, created by the well known make up artist from London, Samantha Chapman, I knew I just had to give them a try.

Blush Brush

The Blush Brush is one of my favorite brushes from the collection.  It's a synthetic brush, which is perfect for flawlessly applying powder and cream makeup, that is tapered at the end.  The shape is absolutely perfect for precise application of blush and contouring around the face.

Powder Brush

The Powder Brush is big and soft, perfect for applying face powder for finishing or setting your foundation.  With it being synthetic, you can really buff in product to your skin.  It's great for blending out blush or bronzer.

Both of the brushes are extremely soft and well made; and they are definitely comparable with the higher end brushes found in department stores (for the fraction of the price).  I would definitely recommend these brushes to anyone out there looking for great brushes at better prices.




  1. Ooh I was going to pick a couple up last time I was at Ulta but I totally forgot. Hopefully I will remember next time I go. I have been hearing so many great reviews on these brushes. Plus I just love how they look with the bright, bold colorful handles.