Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Asos.com is a website I have been looking over for almost a year now, adding their clothes to my wish list, but never dove in and made any purchases, until now.  Asos.com is an online fashion retailer that is known globally.  They carry many brands and high end designer clothes that can be found in the European fashion market, trendy fashion pieces for almost all ages.

It's taken me so long to finally make a purchase from them because they are an online retailer.  Even though they have a great return policy (free returns), I did not want to waste any time ordering items I was unsure of and end up returning them.  So instead, I spent the last year really getting to know my own style and the shapes and designs that I like in clothes.  That way, when I was ready to finally order, I would have a better idea of what would work with my body type and what wouldn't just by looking at it.

What I absolutely love about the website is that they have hundreds and hundreds of items on sale there, and they are so well organized.  Even though they carry so many items, it's not overwhelming to shop.  I also love that they include a lot of detail about the items, making it easier to decide on the quality of the piece, and all of the pictures.  The clothing items also have a video included in the description, allowing you to see a model walking on a runway wearing the clothing item.  I love the video because it allows you to really see how the piece looks in real life, instead of just a picture.

I also love that Asos.com carries styles that cannot be found in most stores in the U.S., making the piece more unique when worn here.

The one thing I would recommend when ordering online anywhere is to really know your size.  Go shopping in stores and try on various types of clothes in different materials and see if your size changes between clothing items.  Pay attention to what the piece of clothing is made of, and then determine if you should order something true to size, or a size up or down.  Sizes can vary depending on clothing and designer, so really knowing what something is made of helps.

This was my first Asos.com order, and it was a big one (because of the sale they were having, and always seem to have), but there is not one thing that I want or need to return.  I definitely looked through all of the different items carefully before making the decision to purchase, and definitely have no regrets.

Maybe I will post a few pictures of the individual items that I purchased, and show you how I would put the looks together (once I get over my camera shyness).

Can't wait until my next order!



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